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One to One Mentorship on Fundraising by Investors


IIMK LIVE’s  FundQuest is an Investor Pitching Mentorship Program for Startups. Startups frequently make  presentations to Angels/Venture Capitalists as part of raising external funds. Therefore, it’s crucial that a startup absolutely nails its investor pitch deck and articulates a compelling and interesting story to gain investors’ confidence and funding. Through this program, the center helps startups to create a strong, engaging investor pitch deck, along with guidance on presenting to angel and venture capitalists to get funds.

Program Objectives/ Learning Goals

To help startups to deliver effective pitches.

To help startups to win the confidence of the investors.

Helping startups to understand the nuances of fundraising

Eligibility for this program

  • Any individual/ startups working on an Innovative idea or planning to initiate a startup can be part of this program.

  • Startups planning to raise funds can apply for this program 

  • The center will not shortlist the applicants, hence anybody interested to get mentored on startup fundraising can participate in this program 

Prerequisites for the program

Applicant will have to submit the latest pitch deck and the two page document shared by IIMK LIVE two days before the mentorship session starts 

Program Construct 

All the applicants will have to submit the pitch deck and two page document before the mentorship session starts. As this is a one to one mentorship program, the startup will have to make the presentation for 10 Mins and followed by mentorship for 30 to 40 mins by the expert. 

Program Outcomes

  • Helps the startups to understand the Angel/VC  perspective of their venture 

  • Seek advice on current business models and possible pivots if any 

  • Startups can seek inputs in improving  the metrics which VC’s/Angels are looking in a venture 

  • Helps the startups to understand the possibility of Angel/VC funding 

  • The startup will get exposed to questions which Angel/VCs ask in an investor pitching.

Program Timelines 

This will be a monthly program, registration closes on end of every month. You may register before December 31, 2023 for this batch.


Rs. 3499/- per startup for maximum of two founders from a startup.

Please Note

This is a mentorship program on fundraising, hence applicants will not receive funds from the mentors /investors as part of this program.  



Sandro Stephen

Indian Angel Network


Chandu Nair

Chennai Angel Network


Deepak Balachandran

Group CIO at SyntexNRG


Veda Vishwanathan

Native lead angels

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Ratnakar Samavedham

Hyderabad angels

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PK Gopalakrishnan

Malabar angel network

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