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Insights into Entrepreneurship and Management

Learn at IIMK LIVE

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LIVE Workshops at IIMK LIVE are designed keeping in mind specific needs of start-up founders and their team. Focused around skills and tools, live workshops are delivered by subject matter experts - academicians, consultants or experienced professionals. Find out more about these half-day to 2-day workshops scheduled this year. Incubators and accelerators may request for custom designed workshops by writing to IIMK LIVE.

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Designed specifically for those who see entrepreneurship as a career and are looking for a systematic way to start on their own, Live laboratory is a 3 month certificate program designed to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship. The program introduce conceptual frameworks in managing small enterprise and provide simulated environment to experiment with business ideas at no real risk. Program is conceived to be a laboratory for the young, wannabe entrepreneurs or next generation of entrepreneurs in family owned businesses to learn the business skills and get introduced to the start up ecosystem.

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LIVE Content is a collection of talks, blog posts and articles that keep the knowledge in entrepreneurship domain up-to-date as well as help identify opportunities by studying environment. Success stories, case studies, expert opinions and research reports are shared in variety of forms at IIMK LIVE. Participate in face to face interactions, read published articles or watch videos.

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