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IIMK LIVE under Startup India Seed Fund Scheme invests in Trustgrid who provides AI-driven video robotic process automation services- March 21,2023

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Startup Saturday -Basics of starting up - February 15,2020

basics of SA.jpg

Startosphere -January 2023

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IIMK LIVE activities and knowledge shared with next batch of IES officers who are here at IIM Kozhikode campus for training program - Nov 26,2022

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Participants of ENVC program at IIM Kozhikode exploring opportunities with

 IIMK LIVE during their incubator visit- Oct ,29,2022

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Four startups bounced their idea to a panel of experts as a part of the Bouncer initiative - Oct 22,2022

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IIMK LIVE organized a roundtable on "Startup Ecosystem" with IES officers, incubators and entrepreneurs - Oct 18,2022

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IIMK LIVE under LIVE SSS funding initiative invests in FarmSathi who develops affordable robotic solutions for farmers to control weeds, pests, and nutrition in order to achieve greater yield and efficiency - Sep 23,2022

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IIMK LIVE invests in Siamaf Healthcare Pvt Ltd, developing magnetic nanotechnology for radiation free and affordable cancer diagnosis and therapy under Nidhi SSS funding initiative- Sep 17, 2022

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CSL and IIM Kozhikode's incubator IIMK LIVE have signed an agreement to launch a start-up framework for supporting start-ups in marine sector- July 22,2022

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strategic partnership with Indian Bank to support the Startup Ecosystem through its “IND SPRING BOARD” Scheme- Jan 12 ,2021

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IIMK LIVE startups sharing their entrepreneurial experience with Directorate of Industries & Commerce, Govt. of Kerala.- December 11,2021


Online BVM incampus February 21-23,2020


Startosphere February 1-2,2020


La eve Funding initiative - January 22-23 ,2020

La eve.jpg

Startup Saturday at IIM Kozhikode

in association with Headstart Kerala - Feb 20,2023

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Induction program 19R2 - January 24-25 2020

Induction program 19R2.jpg

Startup Saturday -Building the "A" Team -January 11,2020

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Startup Saturday - Validating your startup idea - December 15, 2019

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Startup Weekend Kozhikode 2019

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Startosphere 2019

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IIMK LIVE MRPL Startup Support Pitch


Live Discovery-February 2018


Idea Day-February 2018

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Startosphere-February 2018

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