State-of-the-art Co-working Space

'Hive' is a place where people are busy and occupied. It is also concept in spatial planning that delivers re-configurable, experimental and user-centric space. At LIVE HIVE, attempt is made to foster collective interactions, collaborative spaces are evenly placed through out. Balance between 'Me' and 'We' is achieved to provide spaces for 'aloneness' and 'togetherness'. Immerse deep in yourself or engage with like-minded. Go Live.



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Ergonomically designed seats and desk Smart technology ready workstations provide productivity and connectivity along with plenty of mind-mapping space. Clusters for different team sizes with personal set of storage drawers. There are 10 Solo , 8 Duo  and 5 Trio stations.


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Meeting Rooms

Meeting one-on-one, small teams or a full-board, LIVE HIVE provides meeting boxes for 2-3 people, meeting rooms for 6-8 people and a broad room for 20-25 people. Brainstorm, strike-a-deal, pass resolutions, but book in advance.



Hot Desks

Hot desks to provide opportunity to work alone or together. Take a break from your workstation, sit high with a hot cup of coffee, get inspired with a view outside or the book that inspires. Get idea struck.

LIVE HIVE Immersive Experience

Navigate the smart co-working & co-learning space at LIVE

Click on the image below and walk-through LIVE HIVE immersive experience created by our startup