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STAYIN’ A-LIVE is a fellowship initiative jointly presented by IIMK LIVE – a Business Incubator and Entrepreneurship Development Center hosted by IIM Kozhikode and the IIM Kozhikode Alumni Association. Full-time PGP students of IIMK, who wish to start their own entrepreneurial business ventures, may apply for survival grants and business incubation.

To apply for this programme you have to upload a pitch deck with details of proposed venture.

Guidelines for uploading pitch deck are as follows.

1. Pitch Deck should be under 12-15 slides.

 2. Deck Should include the following information:

* Describe the target market / problem area being addressed, cite sources as applicable

* Revenue model (charging a fee, advertising, etc.)

* Addressable market size, citing the sources of this information as well as workings, as applicable.

* Show the competitive landscape currently and how you plan to get ahead of the competition.

* Describe the go-to-market strategy, how you plan to reach your target customers (sales, marketing, distribution, etc)].

* Give the current state of the business - idea stage, product development, beta launch, etc. 

* Show a projected timeline of key milestones to be achieved in 12 months from launch.

* Give details on the team including responsibilities of each member, prior work experience and    how you know each other.

3. Please back up your statements with validated data wherever possible

4. Use visual representations (flow charts, product mock-ups, etc) wherever possible.

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