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Frequently Asked Questions

EDP in Business venture Management

How is this program designed for entrepreneurs?

The program is designed to given an exposure to core business areas which are critical for an entrepreneur to learn for running a successful startup. This program covers topics like Introduction to entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Startup Strategy, pitching and fund raising. Overall  it  will be a 3 months program with 50 Hrs of teaching  of which 32 hrs of teaching will be on online platform and the remaining 18 Hrs will be an  In- Campus module. In campus module will be for 3 days.  We have scheduled online sessions during weekend and each session will be of 2 hrs of duration.

Should I visit any online teaching centres , institutions to attend this program ?

No you can access these online sessions from anywhere, participant need not visit any centres for this training.   DEVICE NEUTRAL Program. However, high speed data connectivity and formal stationery set-up is recommended (study room/ office room/ co-working desk)

How would the rigour of learning be ensured ?

While the anywhere program provides convenience, the technology and the learning approach is designed to deliver superior experience and ensure the rigour. Automatic attendance during the classes would be taken four times during the 2 hour class. 60% attendance is compulsory. There would be group and individual assignments to provide off-class learning. Quizzes, project work too would enable and supplement in-class learning.

What is the overall duration of this program?

 This will be a 3 months program with 50 Hrs of teaching of which 32 hrs of teaching   will be on online platform and the remaining 18 Hrs will be an In- Campus module.

How do I know that IIMK LIVE is the right consulting agency for me?

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What will be the timing and duration of each Online Sessions?

The online sessions are scheduled during weekends, mostly on Fridays and Saturdays, however sessions may be shifted to weekdays based on the availability of faculty. Each session will be of 2 hr of teaching and the timing of the classes will be from 7 PM to 9 PM on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Who conducts classes as a part of this course?

The classes will be conducted by faculty of IIM Kozhikode. There could also be some guest speakers from startup domain to cover topics like fund raising, pitching etc.

Can I attend the online classes from abroad?

Yes you can attend the online classes from abroad

What are the requirements related to class attendance?

   All participants should have more than 70% of attendance from all online sessions and should mandatorily attend the in campus module at IIM Kozhikode.

What will be the teaching pedagogy?

Faculty Presentation and Case discussions would be supported by real life case presentations from various categories to demonstrate the application of the concepts and tools. There will be individual and group assignments.

What is the fee for attending this program?

 The overall fees for this program isRs.57,500/- per person inclusive of classroom instruction, training material, lodging and boarding (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/ refreshments) as a part of In-campus module for 3 days.

Why are classes scheduled on weekends?

Weekend classes are ideally suited for working executives aspiring to be an entrepreneur and for startup founders.

Can the participants pay fees in instalments?

 All the participants will have to make the fees payment before the inception of online course 

How to make the fees Payment?

Fees can be paid online through net banking. IIMK LIVE will not accept payments through cheque/DD or cash

Is it mandatory for participants to attend the In Campus session at IIM Kozhikode?

 For successful completion of the course, it is mandatory for participants to attend the in campus module.

Should the participants bear the cost of travel to IIMK Campus as a part of 3 days in campus visit?

  Yes the travel cost to campus has to be borne by the participant

As a part of In campus module should the participants arrange accommodation by themselves?

The accommodation will be arranged by IIMK LIVE. Stay will be arranged in double occupancy rooms at IIMK Campus.

Do we get any startup funding after the successful completion of the course?

IIMK LIVE will not provide any startup funding to participants of this program.

Will there be any investor pitching sessions scheduled as a part of this course?

 No, we don’t organise any investor pitching sessions as a part of the course

Do we get direct entry to business incubation program of IIMK LIVE?

   No we don’t provide direct entry to Business Incubation Program of IIMK LIVE

Will certificate be provided? Who will provide?

   A certificate of successful completion of the program would be provided upon successfully completing the academic (minimum grade in all components) and non-academic (attendance, fees, etc.) requirements. The certificate would be handed over in person during the in-campus module or may be sent at the address provided. The certificate would be provided by IIMK LIVE – an Entrepreneurship Development Centre of IIM Kozhikode.

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