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In the recent years, the Indian technology landscape has witnessed remarkable advancements towards the creation of a robust start-up ecosystem in the country. These start-ups have become the front runners of Fintech revolution in India, introducing innovative ways of solving critical problems. Envisaging to support the entrepreneurial journey of these new-age companies, IIMK LIVE in collaboration with International Financial Services Centres Authority(IFSCA) and Department of Science and Technology has launched FINN X, an Fintech themed accelerator program. FINN X envisions to specifically focus and bolster the growth of start-ups leveraging fintech  deliver ground-breaking products and solutions. This program intends to support startups in accelerating their growth trajectory by helping them in obtaining scale-up funds and acquiring the right business acumen and competencies to roll out impactful solutions that can act as game changers.
The overall duration of the program will be around 4 months and we welcome startups at initial traction stage to apply.

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Supporting Partners

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International Financial Services Centres Authority ( IFSCA )

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1. Your startup is registered and based in India.
2. Your product/solution offering is solving customer problems across industry domains leveraging Fintech capabilities. 
3. Your innovative product / solution is ready for commercialization.

4. Start-ups with early traction in terms of customers and revenue will be given preference.

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Sectors Supported

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Program Structure

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The Mentors


Prof Abhilash Nair

Finance Accounting and Control area IIMK

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 Ajay Kelkar



Amit Aggarwal

Senior Vice President , Sales & Business Development Algonomy


Prof Asharaf S

Dean (R&D) & Professor,
Digital University Kerala


Chandu Nair

Angel Investor, Chennai Angel Network


Prof G Sridhar

Marketing Management area IIMK


Prof Jijo Luckose

Faculty Finance, Accounting & Control area IIMK


Prof Keyoor Purani

Marketing Management area IIMK


Moumita Sarker

Director, Deloitte India CPG and Retail Analytics Expert


 Nilay Pratik

Vice President,   Samara Capital


Prashanth Kaddi

Partner, Deloitte India
AI/ML Practice Lead


Raghu A

Director, Deloitte India Business Analytics and Growth Strategy Expert


Rajesh Kumar

Focus Academy For Career Enhancement


Prof Rajesh S Upadhyayula

Executive Director, IIMK LIVE & Faculty Strategic Management IIMK


Revant Bhate

Co-Founder and CEO,
Mosaic Wellness


Sandro Stephen

Vice president,
Indian Angel Network


Prof Shahid Abdulla

Information Systems area IIMK

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Sheeba D Mello

Axilor Ventures


Prof Shovan Chowdhury

Quantitative Methods & Operations Management Area IIMK

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Soumya Hansa

Director, Deloitte India Demand Forecasting and Supply Chain Analytics Expert


Prof Soumya Roy

Quantitative Methods & Operations Management Area IIMK


Varun Rastogi

Director, Deloitte India Customer Experience and Marketing Analytics Expert


Vishesh Tewari

Partner, Deloitte India
BFSI Analytics Expert


Vipin Gopal

Chief Data & Analytics Officer, 
Eli Lilly and Company

Finn X: Team

Apply now

Apply before May 5, 2023

Finn X: About

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FINN X?

FINN X is a fintech accelerator program supported by IIMK LIVE. This is ….. months accelerator program to support early-stage startups with innovative products and solutions in the fintech space.

What are the benefits that startups get from this program?

  • Mentoring Support from Fintech experts and from Business Experts.  

  • Seed Fund upto  Rs. 75 Lakhs by IFSCA 

  • Market access and Investor Connect 

Can any fintech startups apply for this program?

Yes. As this is a sector-agnostic Fintech accelerator program any startup in the Fintech domain can apply for this program, however, the preference will be given to startups with innovative products and at scale stage with early traction.

What kinds of funds are offered for startups under this program?

There are two types of funds available in this program, one is  grants up to Rs. 75 lakhs provided by IFSCA and then direct equity investment by IIMK LIVE.  In the case of direct equity investment startup valuation and investment terms shall be discussed with the startups at the time of Investment. Apart from this the center will also connect the startups to other angel/Venture capitalists associated with IIMK LIVE. 

Will all the startups selected under this program get funded?

No. The startups selected for funding will be subjected to evaluation and recommendation by the investment committee at the center.

Is it a virtual or Physical Acceleration Program?

This acceleration program is structured as a hybrid acceleration program. Startups are not mandated to work physically from the acceleration space provided at LIVE.

How often are applications invited?

Applications for the FINN X Program  are invited only once a year. You may apply for the program directly through the IIMK LIVE website 

Can I be eligible to apply if my startup has received grants/awards/equity investments, etc.?

Yes. You are eligible to apply if your startup has already received grants/awards/investments from other agencies. This would add value to your startup in many ways.

What are the main parameters you consider while evaluating a startup?

A unique, innovative solution with a strong team and early traction in the fintech domain will be considered in the evaluation and selection.  Finally, all the decisions with regard to the evaluation and selection of startups for this program  shall be based on the  recommendations of the  selection committee .

What are the eligibility requirements for applying to the FINN X Accelerator Program?  

Applicants need to match the following:

  • You have a start-up entity registered and based in India.

  • You are working in any of the fintech areas/domain

  • Your innovative product/solution is ready for commercialization.

  • Start-ups with innovative products/solutions and with early traction in terms of customer and revenue will be given preference

Can I submit multiple applications for this program?

No. Multiple applications are not allowed for this program. Your first application will be considered as the final application for evaluation.

I am not associated with IIM Kozhikode as a student/ alumni/ faculty member. Can I apply for the LIVE Acceleration Program?

Yes. You may apply for the program.

I am a student/ alumni/ faculty member of IIM Kozhikode. Do I still need to apply for the LIVE Acceleration Program?

Yes. There is only one admissions process for all applicants. IIMK students/ alumni/ faculty may get priority, subject to the merit of the business idea.

I am already an incubatee of IIMK LIVE; should I again apply for this program?

Yes. You may have to apply for this program separately, and you will be part of the selection process.

Is there an application fee?

LIVE makes an effort to find, support, and grow early-stage social entrepreneurs who can build high-impact sustainable organizations and doesn’t charge any  fee for this program.

Number of evaluation rounds?

There will be two rounds of evaluation.  After the initial selection,  shortlisted startups will be invited to make a short pitch in front of the final selection committee.

How and where will the pitching round be held?

The pitching process will be held virtually. 

How will I know about the result of each round?

IIMK LIVE will inform you of the status of the application via email to your registered email ID.

How will sensitive information pertaining to my startup be protected?

Information related to each startup will be highly confidential at the center. Details of the startup will be shared only with the selection committee. 

Is the fintech accelerator program sector and function-agnostic?

LIVE seeks to develop resources to focus on a few thrust areas so that it can provide intensive support and services to startups as part of the accelerator program. At this juncture, it would not restrict applicants based on technology/sectoral focus hence it is a sector agnostic accelerator program. 

How can I reach out to your team to clarify my doubts regarding the program?

Finn X: About

For enquiries

Write to us at or call 04952809669 during office hours

Finn X: About
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