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Make a short, hard pitch.
Bounce your idea to a panel of experts.

Many startups come up with ideas/products which many not have right product market fit resulting in failures. Startups may be working on a problem or an opportunity which may not have the potential for exponential growth. After investing time and money into the venture they realises the fact that they were working on a poor business idea which doesn’t have a scalable and sustainable business model. Therefore IIMK LIVE has come up with an initiative were the startup can present their venture to an expert panel and seek their inputs on validating their business plan and for taking their startup to next level. 

 Bouncer initiative gives an opportunity to individuals and start-ups with a business idea to present and discuss in front of IIMK professors about their venture and get their business idea/model validated. This program is designed for a one to one interaction with panel to get proper inputs and strategies to make their venture successful.IIMK Professors will form the panel to advice you on the business venture. 

This program will help you to validate the potential of the problem/idea which you are working on. You will also get proper idea on the business opportunity, sustainability and scalability of the venture. Apart from this, inputs will be given to make your venture a successful one. 

Applicability : Any startup with an innovative idea can apply for this program

Fees: Rs 2500 per startup for maximum of two founders from a startup 

Date: Tentative dates for this program will be in September 2019, exact date will be communicated later to the applicants. 

                                                                            For FAQ’s Click Here

 Templates to be followed as a part the program

 Click here to download presentation template (Participants to follow this template while making the presentation to panel).

Click here to download one page doc (Participants have to fill in this doc and upload during registration process)

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